Treating insect bites

Treatment with biological product after the insect bite or sting

Sometimes you don’t even notice an insect bite, but there are also insects whose bite can cause pain, swelling, redness, irritation and itching. It is important to act appropriately after an insect or tick bite. You can often do what is necessary yourself to relieve the pain or itching.

Care Plus® Bio offers an effective product based on organic ingredients that can help you soften a bite or sting. Not only insects, but also jellyfish can sting ugly with painful consequences. Even with a tick bite, it is essential that you are alert and take care of the right treatment.

Soothe itching

Prevention is always better than cure, which is why it is important to protect the skin from insect bites or stings. This can be done with Care Plus ® Bio Anti-Insect. Despite protective measures, you can still be bitten or stung. This can cause the skin to itch and / or irritate considerably, resulting in red bumps. The Care Plus ® Bio SOS roller with Cosmos certified ingredients has been specially developed to soften the skin after a bite or sting.

Care Plus organic products for treatment after the insect stream

What is itching?

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When itching, the itching sensors are stimulated. These are special cells in the skin that are sensitive to histamine. This is an amino acid-like substance produced by the body itself. If the itch sensor is stimulated, a signal is sent to the brain via an itch nerve and you experience itching. We know itching mainly as a reaction to something from the outside, such as a wool sweater, but there are also plants and animals that can cause a rash and itching after touching. Think of mosquitoes, jellyfish, nettles and the oak processionary caterpillar. A natural reaction is to scratch, but this can actually irritate the skin even more.

biological soothing gel for after the insect bite. Against itching and irritation from a mosquito bite

Care Plus® Bio SOS roller

Have you been bitten or stung? The Care Plus ® Bio SOS roller cools, softens and soothes the skin after an insect bite, such as that of the mosquito, the wasp and the horse fly. The gel also has a relieving effect after a jellyfish bite or after the skin has come into contact with nettles or the stinging hairs of the oak processionary caterpillar.

  • Based on a natural formula with Cosmos certified ingredients.
  • Has a soothing and cooling effect after insect bites or stings.
  • Can also be used after contact with nettles, jellyfish and the oak processionary caterpillar.
  • Suitable for children from 3 years and adults.


  • 20 ml roll-on tube.
  • The tube is made of 100% biobased plastic (sugar cane).
  • Leaflet integrated in the packaging.

Ticks can transmit diseases

1 in 5 ticks in the Benelux is infected with the Borrelia bacteria, the cause of Lyme disease. Without treatment, this disease can lead to serious health problems such as joint pain, cardiac arrhythmias and disorders of the nervous system.

Safely remove a tick

A tick is faster on your body than you think and you often don’t notice this. It is therefore important to check yourself and others, for example your children, after a day in nature. Ticks come from underneath and prefer warm and moist areas, such as knees, groin, armpits and your hairline. A tick is so small that you can easily miss it. During the tick season, March through October, make it a habit to do a tick check at a fixed time. For example, do this after brushing your teeth. Have you discovered a tick? Remove it as soon as possible with special tick tweezers to reduce the risk of contamination.

Bitten by a tick?

Because a tick bites into the skin with barbs, it is not easy to get rid of it. With a special tick remover or drawing pen you can easily and quickly remove the tick in its entirety. Make sure you always have tick tweezers with you so that you can remove the tick right away. The timely removal of the tick is important to limit the risk of infection with a bacteria or virus. Therefore, remove the tick within 8 hours. Never try to remove the tick with your nails, alcohol or fire. Chances are that you will not remove the tick completely or that the tick will spit its stomach contents (possibly containing infectious bacteria) into your skin. This increases the risk of contamination.

Probe-like hypostome of a tick.
Bio tick remover from Care Plus for the safe removal of ticks

Care Plus® Bio Tick-2-go

The Care Plus ® Bio Ticks-2-go has been specially developed to remove ticks in a safe, fast and easy way. Thanks to the small hole at the top you can easily attach the tick remover to your key ring. This way you can always act immediately, even if you discover a tick and you are not at home at that moment.

  • Easy, quick and easy to use.
  • With 2 recesses for dragging or scooping the tick.
  • Prevents pinching or tearing of the tick.
  • Suitable for removing all types of ticks, both large and small.
  • Handy to take with you, for example on your key ring.


  • Made from 70% biobased PLA (corn) and 30% biodegradable polyester.
  • Natural food coloring.
  • Package insert integrated in the packaging.

Don’t let them bite

Read an infographic about mosquitoes below and ticks full of useful facts and information.