Mosquitoes, what can you do about them?

Nuisance from mosquitoes

When the weather improves, we open doors and windows. That’s when the annual fight against mosquitoes starts for many people. They enter houses and manage to drive many Dutchmen crazy by keeping them awake in the middle of the night with their buzzing, and a few itching bumps in the morning as a bonus.

We often tend to take on the fight using physical violence, which causes many mosquito casualties on (bedroom) walls and ceilings. However, there are other ways to limit the nuisance of mosquitoes as much as possible. Care Plus®  has a few tips to ensure a good night’s sleep. It starts with preventive measures and we already mentioned the last resort.

Mosquito larvae thrive in a shallow layer of water

What DOES help to deter mosquitoes?

1) Check in and around the house for stagnant water
Female mosquitoes lay their eggs in stagnant water. That’s where the larva grow before they become mosquitoes. Not only in ponds, but also in blocked gutters, buckets, watering cans and rain barrels. These puddles of water attract mosquitoes.

2) Place insect screens on your windows and doors and keep doors closed as much as possible.
Insect screens are very effective against mosquitoes. The fine mesh prevents mosquitoes from entering, but you are still able to ventilate. Naturally, it is important to install these insect screens throughout the house and keep them closed as much as possible.

3) Sleep under a mosquito net.
We can hear you thinking: we’re not in the tropics! No, we’re not, but small changes to the climate make it even more attractive for mosquitoes here. Foreign species like the tiger mosquito and yellow fever mosquito have been spotted in the Netherlands. A mosquito net provides protection against all types of mosquitoes and the advantage is that the mosquito can’t get close to your head, so you won’t wake up by the buzzing.

3) Wear protective clothing.
This will not be your preference, because you would rather wear a t-shirt and shorts when the weather is nice. And who sleeps in long johns in the summer? However, there are also very light clothes available that are well ventilated and comfortable to wear. This will protect you from mosquitoes.

4) Use Care Plus® Anti-Insect.
Care Plus® Anti-Insect Natural can be applied to exposed skin and on the outside of your duvet cover. Mosquitoes don’t like it and this prevents you from being bitten. DEET is also a proven remedy that is very effective against mosquitoes.


What does NOT help to deter mosquitoes?

Now you know what to do to deter mosquitoes. It might also be useful to mention what effort and money you can save, because the following does NOT help against mosquitoes:

1) Plugs, apps and devices with an ultrasonic sound
2) UV lamps
3) Wrist bands
4) Eating garlic
5) Wash yourself (although we do recommend it)
6) Place a lemon tree in your bedroom
7) Turn off the light
8) Drink beer

If this list doesn’t convince you, watch the video below. Entomologist Dr. Ir. Bart Knols explains it all in his lecture. In addition, he undermines all myths and tells you what DOES work to deter mosquitoes.

Mild winters, longer summers

Due to the milder climate and the subsequent mild winters, mosquitoes can easily survive and become active sooner. The number of mosquitoes is also increasing and with it, also the chances of mosquito nuisance.

Mosquito bites can be very itchy. The number of tiger mosquitoes in the Netherlands has also increased in recent years. These tropical mosquitoes can transmit diseases like dengue and yellow fever. Another reason to protect yourself and your family. Applying a product to your skin is a small effort, we just have to make a habit of doing this regularly.

Anti-Insect Natural

You do not usually notice a tick bite, but it can cause severe health problems like Lyme disease and FSME. Anti-Insect Natural is also suitable for children (from 3 months) and does not contain DEET.

Mosquito Net

Care Plus® mosquito nets are of excellent quality. Impregnated and non-impregnated nets are available for single and double beds. Make sure you get a good night’s sleep by sleeping under a mosquito net.

Anti-Insect DEET

You do not usually notice a tick bite, but it can cause severe health problems like Lyme disease and FSME. A good reason to optimally protect yourself and your family. Prevention is better than cure.