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Healthy travels

by | Jan 17, 2019

Travelling is wonderful, but it is not without certain risks. Infectious diseases lurk in subtropical and tropical regions.

  1. Good personal hygiene is your best weapon in the fight against bacteria.
  2. Do not drink tap water.
  3. Do not touch animals. Dogs, cats, bats and monkeys can be infected with rabies.

Wash your hands

Vaccinations provide good protection, but not from all infectious diseases. Good personal hygiene is your best weapon in the fight against bacteria! This starts with washing your hands. Do this often and thoroughly. In any case, wash your hands and wrists before cooking, eating and after visiting the toilet. Dirty nails? Clean them with a brush! Dry your hands with something very clean, like a paper towel. Or keep them under hot air blower (do not touch!)

Effective for cleaning your hands: a good hand gel, like Care Plus Pro Hygiene Gel. Handy for on the road, because Pro Hygiene Gel can be used without water.

Safe drinking water

Drinking tap water in Western Europe and North America is not usually a problem. In other regions, you need to take precautionary measures to make drinking water safe. Water can be contaminated. Microorganisms can cause infectious diseases, especially in the gastrointestinal tract. Diarrhoea is the most common problems.

There are several methods to make drinking water safe:

  1. Disinfecting with Care Plus Hadex®, a drinking water disinfectant approved by the Dutch government (kills bacteria and viruses).
  2. Microfiltration (removes protozoa and bacteria, depending on the filter).
  3. Boiling the water (kills all microorganisms)

Cleansing hand gel

Care Plus® cleansing hand gel gives your hands a clean and fresh feeling.

Personal hygiene

Care Plus® supplies handy products for personal hygiene.

Organic Soap

Care Plus® Clean Bio Soap is a concentrated biodegradable soap made from organic ingredients.

Water hygiene

Care Plus® supplies handy products for water hygiene.