Care Plus® Anti-Insect Deet spray 40%

Anti-Insect Deet Spray repels insects and prevents against ticks, (malaria)mosquitoes and horseflies.

Care Plus®: prepared and protected

Welcome to the website of Care Plus®. Care Plus® wants to encourage travellers, tourists, and day trippers to travel as healthy as possible. Because of this, Care Plus® has an extensive selection of products which are specifically designed for you to be fully prepared and protected on your travels.

Care Plus®: professional travel guidance

All products are easy to take with you while you are travelling: the products are available in various sizes and are composed by travel experts. Whether you stay in your home country, go to Europe, or somewhere tropical, Care Plus® helps you with the preparations beforehand and on site!

Care Plus® products

The products of Care Plus® are grouped into four categories Insect Bite PreventionFirst AidHygiene and Sun Protection.

Search easily for the products you need and find additional information. The Travel Pharmacy will give you product advice so you know exactly what you will need on your trip. Next to that, the Travel Pharmacy can re-direct you to these products which are displayed in our webshop. Prevention is better than cure, so go healthy, prepared, and protected on your trip in order to fully enjoy it!