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Chief Mosquito 🦟 Officer Arnoud Aalbersberg flies away after 30 years

by | Apr 25, 2022

April 25, 2022 is World Malaria Day again. Just like every year, we at Travel Health Group make this a point, an important point. Malaria is a preventable infectious disease with a rising number of cases for the first time due to Covid-19 and unfortunately also more fatalities. Time to pay extra attention to this and work even harder together towards a malaria-free world by 2030.

Arnoud Aalbersberg founded the Travel Health Group and the Care Plus® brand in 1992 (30 years ago!) with his father. A brand with the mission to protect travellers so that they can fully enjoy their trip and only come home with beautiful stories. A mission that is now successful in 25+ countries. Since 2007, Care Plus® has been the market leader in the Netherlands in the insect repellent category.

In 1999 Arnoud took over his father’s company and the vision, the higher goal of Travel Health Group and Care Plus® also became clear: working towards a malaria-free world by 2030. That is where the Mosquiteers team (that is the name of the employees) set the alarm for every day!

Arnoud Aalbersberg leaves the Travel Health Group

Arnoud is the Chief Mosquito 🦟 Officer of Travel Health Group. A title that always leads to a nice conversation to make clear what is important: making an impact with a successful brand to eliminate malaria.

The solution to a malaria-free world does not only lie in the free distribution of printed, impregnated mosquito nets. The solution is a cocktail of innovations that can tackle both the parasite and the mosquito.

April 25, 2022, Arnoud Aalbersberg will present the Malaria Impact Report and then leave Travel Health Group. Arnoud will, among other things, focus on making an impact together with start-ups and scale-ups that, among other things, are working towards a malaria-free world by 2030.

Arnoud Aalbersberg: “After 30 years it is not easy to let go of the now well-grown child called Care Plus®. On the other hand, there is no better time to do this. The company is led by a fantastic (leadership) team with Corine Schmal as the talented figurehead towards the future of this wonderful impact company! I am grateful for the journey I was able to take with Travel Health Group. This would not have been possible without an ever-evolving team, our loyal customers and suppliers.”

Care Plus® is known for its Anti-Insect products with DEET, which now also has an organic line as an alternative, mosquito nets, first aid kits, sun protection and hygiene products. The Care Plus® products are available at outdoor sports shops, pharmacies, drugstores, vaccination institutions in more than 25 countries in Europe and of course online.