When travelling it is important to keep an eye on hygiene: hygiene gel, special soap, or water desinfectant are sometimes necessary. The water quality is not up to standard everywhere . If you are not careful, you can get a stomach or intestinal infection, travellers’ diarrhea, or it gets even worse: dehydration. Care Plus® has a range of products which will help improve your hygiene and protect your health during your trip.

Hygiene during your trip 

  • Personal hygiene
  • Food hygiene
  • Water hygiene
  • Handdesinfectants
  • Soap

Personal hygiene during the trip

Every measure that you can take in order to take care of yourself is considered Personal Hygiene. Freshen up, need for toilet and drying yourself are considered .

Food hygiene during the trip

Every measure that you can take in order to take care of your food is considered Food Hygiene. You have to be critical when selecting and inspecting your food, and you also have to take the right food supplements in order to prevent shortages.

Water hygiene during the trip

To drink from the water tap is not a problem at all in Western Europe and North America. However, when you are outside these regions, you have to take precautions to make the water drinkable. There is a chance that the water is infected. The micro-organisms in the water can cause infectious diseases, particularly in the stomach and the intestines. The most common problem is diarrhea. There are several methods to make the water drinkable:

  • Boil the water (kills all micro-organisms)
  • Desinfect it with chloride or iodide (kills bacteria and viruses)
  • Microfiltration (kills protozoas and bacteria, depends on the filter)

Care Plus has a range of products for personal hygiene, water treatment, and against dehydration.


Dirty hands are a large source for infections, in particular stomach and intestinal infections (travelers’ diarrhea). Although the hands have touched and felt many different things during a day, they are often not washed before dinner. This is very risky. Clean hands are very important on your travels. However, most of the times you cannot wash your hands thoroughly, because there is no soap or water, or it is dirty water, or there is no clean towel. The solution comes from Care Plus®: the Care Plus® Clean Pro Hygiene Gel or Care Plus® Clean Pro Hygiene Wipes. The antibacterial gel protects the hands from outside influences.


Care Plus® Leaves are easy to use whilst travelling, in particular when there is no water around. Care Plus® Clean Bio Soap is a concentrated bio-degradable soap made from organic ingredients. This biological soap is highly multi-functional and suitable for washing hands, skin, hair, clothes and even the dishes.