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Hygiene during the journey

When traveling it is important that you take hygiene into account. Sometimes there is no water available or the quality is different than you are used to at home. We recommend that you always have a disinfectant hand gel, soap and body spray with you for a clean and fresh feeling. For some destinations we recommend a water filter and/or a drinking water disinfectant. Care Plus® offers you a complete range of products that improve hygiene during your trip.

Hygiene during the journey consists of three aspects


Personal hygiene while traveling

With personal-hygiene we mean all hygienic measures you can take with regard to yourself. This includes washing and disinfecting your hands and drying well with a clean towel.


Food hygiene while traveling

By food hygiene we mean all hygienic measures you can take with regard to food. Think of critically selecting and inspecting food and taking the right nutritional supplements to supplement deficiencies.


Clean drinking water

Drinking from the tap in Western Europe and North America is usually not a problem. In the areas beyond, however, you must take measures to make the water safe to drink. The water may be contaminated. The microorganisms can cause infectious diseases, especially in the gastrointestinal tract. Diarrhea is the most common problem. There are several methods to make water safe to drink:

  • Disinfect with Care Plus Hadex®, a drinking water disinfectant approved by the Dutch government. This kills bacteria and viruses.
  • Microfiltration, this filter removes protozoa and bacteria, depending on the type of filter.
  • Cooking kills all micro-organisms.

Care Plus® offers a range of products for promoting moisture absorption, water purification and personal hygiene.