First Aid

Physical ailments both large and small can be treated with the first aid accessories from Care Plus®. With more than 20 years of experience, we know the best way to treat bits and stings, care for your feet and wounds, and protect hearing. And our threestep ‘Stop the tick’ plan helps you prevent tick bites, remove ticks, and test them.

Always a First Aid kit

The medical facilities in the country of destination are not always up to the standard we are used to at home. Sterile needles, syringes and other medical equipment may be scarce. This increases the risk of contagious diseases such as AIDS and hepatitis B. For this reason it is recommended to take an extensive set of sterile equip­ment with you, next to your First Aid Kit

Remove Ticks 

A tick remover is also an absolute musthave. In the Netherlands for example, 24% of the ticks is infected with the Borrelia bacteria (cause of Lyme disease).

Care Plus Tip

When removing ticks, there are some things you should NOT do: anaesthetize it with ether or alcohol, cigarettes, etc. This will increase the chance of getting infected. The tick will scare up and will spit it's saliva with bacteria into your blood. 

Care Plus® offers a whole range of first aid products for travelling, foot care, and ticks.