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Will traveling change for good after Covid-19? (Podcast)

by | Jun 12, 2020

Will traveling change for good after Covid-19?

Care Plus® has been a market leader in safe and healthy travelling for over 28 years. We believe in “ safe travels, great stories” so little do we need to explain we are intrigued by the current situation and how travelling will be influenced in the upcoming months with the current circumstances that we are living in. In what way can we reimagine what tourism will look like post COVID-19?

We therefor created a new episode in our Travel Health series dedicated to this topic and with the help of our guests we get more insights on the trends and developments in this area and different scenario’s possible.

A week prior to our podcast, we did a poll on our social media to get the opinion of our followers on the following: “Will travelling change for good after Covid-19 ?”

86% of our audience said ‘yes’ and 14 % said ‘no’. We would like you to invite you to listen to our podcast with our guests to get more insights on this matter. To start off we will be talking with Isabel Mosk who will give more insights on domestic travelling for the Netherlands post Corona. The second guest is Larry Goodyer, a professor of Pharmacy Practice & travel Health Expert over 35 years. Last, but not least, Anna Pollock will share her insights on sustainable travel.

Also available via Anchor and Apple