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More attention for the tick

by | Jun 3, 2018

More than 1.500.000 tick bites are registered per year in the Netherlands and they can be dangerous. More than 20% of these blood-thirsty creatures are infected with Borrelia bacteria, which can cause Lyme disease. So, prevent those nast tick bites! To raise awareness of the shadow-side of sunny days, there is The Week of the Tick. From 13 to 19 April, the focus is on ticks, tick bites and especially on prevention. Care Plus® has a whole range of products – from sprays with and without DEET to impregnated socks – that keep the tick at bay. This is necessary, because 1.2 million people are bitten annually in the Netherlands. Step one to reducing the number of bites is awareness.

Tick visit

Not every tick bite leads to Lyme disease, but it does increasingly happen, including in our country. At least 22,000 people in the Netherlands are infected every year. In the months when the sun is shining, and we all go outside, the tick is also most active. From its sheltered environment in tall grass, bushes or heathland, it searches for humans and animals to suck their blood like a little vampire. Such a tick visit can take up to three days; a short stay during which the parasite not only gorges itself with blood, but can also leave bacteria. If the tick is infected with Borellia, it can cause Lyme disease. Reason enough to think about what is hiding in the bush on nice days and to take precautions.

Mini spray in your pocket

Are you going for a long hike on a beautiful spring or summer day? Tuck your trousers in your socks! Care Plus® has specially impregnated Bugsox that protects ankles and feet against mosquitoes and ticks. In addition, these seamless walking socks are comfortable and keep your feet fresh for longer, even at high temperatures. DEET is your best friend. This insect repellent not only keeps msoquitoes at bay, but it also works against ticks. Care Plus® has products with 30%, 40% and 50% DEET that comply with the strict requirements of the EU Biocidal Products Regulation. Would you rather not use DEET? Care Plus® Anti-Insect Natural has proven effective against ticks. It is made with lemon eucalyptus extracts and protects up to six hours. New in our Natural and DEET ranges are the mini sprays. Easy to put in your pocket!

Stop the tick

Tropicare CEO Arnoud Aalbersberg is a great advocate of awareness concerning ticks and tick bites; ”It is important for people to realise that you don’t have to go abroad to contract nasty diseases. A tick ignores borders and does occur in the Netherlands. We provide information and tips on how to protect yourself against ticks. When are they active? Where do they live? And especially: what can you do to prevent a bite or infection with Lyme disease. With this knowledge, we can go out and enjoy the summer!”