These terms and conditions apply, to the exclusion of any other general terms and conditions, to all activities that Tropicare BV carries out. By visiting the Tropicare BV websites or by making use of the services or products of Tropicare BV, the customer or visitor to the websites accepts the applicability of these terms and conditions. These terms and conditions can only be deviated from after written permission from Tropicare BV in which case the other terms and conditions remain in full force.



The information on the Tropicare BV websites is compiled with care. Tropicare BV does not accept any liability for the completeness or accuracy of the information. Tropicare BV does not accept any liability with regard to potential errors in the content of the websites and applications.

The websites and/or applications are general information and are not specifically aimed at one individual person or one specific medical situation of, for example, the visitor to the site or someone in their environment. They are not a substitute for medical or other professional advice. Tropicare BV accepts no responsibility for actions that are performed based on the websites.


Interactive information

In some cases, Tropicare BV offers visitors of its websites automated question-answer modules that provide ’customised’ information based on a series of multiple choice questions for visitors to answer. The visitor answers questions by means of a previously prepared automated decision tree, after which information is produced in an automated manner. There is no question here of actual care contact or replacement thereof, and consequently, the Dutch Medical Treatment Contracts Act (WGBO) or legislation that is equivalent in countries outside the Netherlands does not apply here.


Medical Advice

Because Tropicare BV does not offer medical advice in a direct (for example by telephone or email) or indirect manner that is intended as a substitute for professional medical advice, no e-mails or telephone calls from visitors will be answered that relate to questions or requests that, for example, deal with medical/psychological complaints as a result of the use of the Care Plus® products from Tropicare BV. Your doctor can contact Tropicare BV at any time in connection with a possible side effect of our product.


External links

The information on the websites of Tropicare BV regularly refers to websites of third parties. These hyperlinks are intended solely for the benefit of a broad range of information for visitors to the Tropicare BV websites. Tropicare BV and information suppliers take the utmost care when selecting references to third-party websites (hyperlinks), but have no control whatsoever over the information and/or services that these websites offer and/or maintain, nor during the initial placement of the link, nor at a later time. Tropicare BV is therefore not responsible or liable for the information, products or services offered via these links.



The offer of information and services from Tropicare BV is made through the internet and through applications (Apps). Tropicare BV cannot be held liable with regard to the technical availability of the website and any infection with computer viruses during the visit to the website. Tropicare BV makes every effort to ensure that the online transfer of information is virus-free, continuous and error-free, but cannot provide a 100% guarantee for this. However, we do strive for an optimal up-time guarantee.


Use of data

By using the websites, the user gives permission for the use of their data and user behaviour for commercial purposes. Tropicare BV has the right to use this data for certain purposes, including creating private websites or for marketing purposes. The above is without prejudice to the provisions of the Data Protection Act.



The information displayed on these websites, such as texts, images, brands, logos, (trade) names or information in another form, is the property of Tropicare BV or licensed to the site’s client. The information on this website, irrespective of its appearance, may not be changed, reproduced or distributed without the prior written permission of Tropicare BV. Claims and opinions expressed in the articles and announcements on the sites of Tropenzorg BV are those of the author(s) and not (necessarily) those of the editors, the webmaster, the app store or the Internet provider.



Tropicare BV reserves the right to change the information offered on or through the websites and applications of Tropicare BV, including the text of the Disclaimer, at any time without further notice. It is recommended to periodically check whether the information offered on or through the Tropicare BV  websites, including the text of the Disclaimer, has changed.


Applicable law

Dutch Law is applicable to websites and applications of Tropenzorg BV as well as the Disclaimer. All disputes arising from or in connection with the Disclaimer will be submitted exclusively to the District Court of Zwolle. If foreign language versions of the Disclaimer show discrepancies or lead to differences in interpretation, the version in the Dutch language will be decisive.