Relieve itching

Relieve itching

It is important to protect the skin against insect bites and stings. Care Plus® has an extensive range of products. Regular application of insect repellent to prevent insect bites requires discipline and is often forgotten, so there´s still a chance to get bitten or stung. This can cause itching and skin rash. Care Plus® has various products for treating the skin after bites and stings.


What is itching?

The stimulation of itching receptors causes itching. These are skin cells that are sensitive to histamine. This is an amino-like substance that is produced by the body. When the itch receptor is stimulated, it sends a signal to the brain that causes you to experience itching.

We generally experience itching as a reaction to something external, such as a mosquito bite or a woolen sweater. There are plants and animals that cause a rash or itching after contact. A natural reaction is to scratch, but this can irritate the skin even more.

Care Plus® SOS Bite Gel

It has a soothing, cooling and calming action when used for treating an insect bite or sting, such as the mosquito, wasp or horsefly. This gel is also soothing after a jellyfish sting or after contact with stinging nettles.

  • Cools, soothes and calms the skin after an insect bite
  • Works for bites and stings of mosquitoes, wasps, horseflies, jellyfish and after contact with stinging nettles
  • Ideal gel for the treatment of a sting or bite, at home or when on holiday
  • Easily spreadable gel that absorbs quickly
  • Contents: 20 ml
  • Contains aloe vera, tea tree oil and eucalyptus
  • Suitable for children from 2 years

Care Plus® Click-Relief

Treats swelling, redness, irritation and itching after an insect sting or jellyfish bite. This handy device can reduce itching and swelling after a mosquito bite or a wasp or bee sting. Works within several minutes.

  • Ideal for treatment after insect bites and jellyfish stings, at home or on holiday
  • Helps to reduce itching and swelling
  • Suitable for adults and children from 4 years
  • Easy to use
  • Does not stain
  • Lightweight and compact device (18 grams, 80 x 27 x 180 mm)
  • No batteries needed
  • No expiry date
  • Care Plus® Insect SOS Gel is a medical device. Please read the instructions for use before use.

Care Plus® Venimex

The Venimex is an automatic vacuum pump that has been specially developed for use after a bite or sting by a spider or insect. By extracting the venom, you prevent it from spreading through the body.

  • Ideal venom extractor for treatment after a sting or bite, at home and on holiday
  • Prevents the venom from spreading through the body
  • Effective for treatment of stings and bites from bees, wasps, spiders and scorpions
  • Suitable for all ages
  • Easy to use with one hand
  • Practical all-in-one packaging
  • 800 millibar suction power
  • Care Plus® Click Relief is a medical device. Please read the instructions for use before use.

Relieve itching

It is always better to prevent a bite or sting, not just because it causes itching, but especially because an insect bite may cause disease. A tick bite can cause meningitis or Lyme disease, and a mosquito bite can cause diseases such as malaria, yellow fever, dengue and zika.

You can reduce the risk of a bite or sting by taking the right preventative measures. You can protect yourself against insects by wearing the right clothes, applying insect repellent and sleeping under a mosquito net.