Protection against mosquitoes and ticks

Mosquitoes and ticks can cause irritating bites. Although bites by a few types of mosquitoes and ticks aren’t painful and you may not even notice them, they can transmit bacteria, parasites and viruses. Fortunately, there are only a small number of mosquitoes in the Netherlands that can transmit diseases, but there’s still the irritating buzzing of mosquitoes when you’re trying to sleep.

There are several ways to keep mosquitoes away and reduce the chance of a mosquito bite. The best solution is to make sure you keep mosquitoes away, but that can prove difficult, especially when on holiday. At home, you can install insect screens in window and door frames, but on holiday you depend on a good mosquito net.

In addition, there are remedies with repellent properties for your skin. Care Plus® Anti-Insect with DEET is the best-known remedy. There is also a natural variety without DEET with only natural ingredients. In the video below you will see a demonstration of the effect of Anti-Insect with DEET and Anti-Insect Natural.