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Tick season started early this year

mennessä | kesä 3, 2019

The extremely mild winter days in our country have caused nature to be in a bit of a muddle. Hedgehogs are coming out of hibernation much too early, and ticks have free rein in forests and heathlands. 

This could be yet another year where a record number of tick bites are reported. Ticks thrive in the mild conditions of previous months – they become active as soon as the temperature rises above 5 to 10 degrees – and that is the reason why they have come out early this year and in greater numbers. A good reason to take the right preventative measures before going outdoors.

Care Plus® is committed to stop ticks every year at the start of each tick season: with information about ticks, how to prevent a tick bite and how to remove a tick. Ticks occur in the Netherlands more frequently nowadays and a bite can have unpleasant consequences. It is important to know what to look out for.

Ticks do not fall from trees, as many people think, but live predominantly in shrubs, grass and heathland, including gardens, golf courses and footpaths where you walk your dog.

A tick bite can be prevented by:

It is a good idea to check yourself and each other after having been outdoors. Ticks are small and easy to miss. Have you been bitten? Remove the tick as quickly as possible with tick pincers. Disinfect the area of the bite with some alcohol, and keep an eye on the affected area.