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How do I choose the best mosquito net?

mennessä | kesä 22, 2021

More and more people travel for work or for holidays to a distant tropical destination and take a mosquito net with them in their luggage. Tropical destinations are known for their mosquitoes and other insects and the diseases they can transmit. With a mosquito net, you can protect yourself against these critters. A mosquito net is also ideal for use at home or during holidays in your own country, such as at the campsite. Because wherever you are, mosquitoes are everywhere.
Choose a mosquito net that suits your situation

The importance of a mosquito net close to home

You may be familiar with the buzzing of mosquitoes in your ear when you are trying to sleep. But a mosquito can be more of a nuisance than just an itchy bump. Mosquitoes can transmit diseases such as malaria, yellow fever, dengue, and the West Nile virus. These diseases are particularly prevalent in tropical regions, but there are increasing reports about infections in Europe. Although the risk of illness after a bite from an infected mosquito in Europe is limited, it is not entirely without risk. The number of tiger mosquitoes (transmitters of several infectious diseases) and the number of infected and deadly victims due to the West Nile virus have increased significantly in Europe in recent years.

That is why the use of a mosquito net is increasingly recommended during holidays in Europe, at home or in the bedroom. There are a number of advantages to sleeping under a mosquito net:

  • Your sleep will not be disturbed by mosquitoes and other insects.
  • A mosquito net is easy to hang up and put away. You only have to hang up a mosquito net once to enjoy it for years.
  • A mosquito net also creates a nice atmosphere in your bedroom.

Which mosquito net should you choose?

Mosquito nets are available in many types, sizes and colours. It’s important to choose a mosquito net that suits your situation best. Will you only use the mosquito net at home or will you take it with you when you travel? Will you sleep alone or together under the mosquito net? Does it have to be lightweight for your luggage or is that not important? These are all factors you need to take into account. You should also consider the impregnation, the shape and the quality of the net.

Impregnated or not?

This choice depends on where you are going. For use at home, in Europe or in areas where there is no risk of malaria, a non-impregnated mosquito net is sufficient. For areas at risk of malaria, Care Plus® recommends using an impregnated mosquito net. The impregnated nets by Care Plus® are treated with a sustainable Durallin® impregnation technology. This impregnation technology prevents mosquitoes from landing on the net and biting through it. With daily use, the impregnation lasts up to 3 years.

The shape of the mosquito net

When buying a mosquito net, it is wise to take the shape of the net into account. Care Plus® has 3 basic shapes, so there is a suitable mosquito net for every situation.

  1. Bell Mosquito Net. This shape has 1 suspension point and thanks to the flexible built-in ring in the ridge, the net has a stable shape. This form is available impregnated or non-impregnated and is suitable for a maximum of 2 people.
  2. Wedge Mosquito Net . This shape also has 1 suspension point, but the attachment is not in the middle of the mosquito net. The attachment is at the head-end, which gives it the shape of an elongated triangle. It is an impregnated single mosquito net with an extra tuck-in strip at the bottom to fix the net under the mattress.
  3. Box Mosquito Net. This form has a rectangular box model. It may take a little more effort to hang up the mosquito net because it has 4 suspension points. The advantage of this shape is that it has straight sides, so you have more room to move and are less likely to lie up against the net while asleep. Moreover, this mosquito net can also be hung like the Wedge net or as a tent shape. The Box mosquito net is available for both 1 and 2 persons.

Hanging the nets is easy. Each net comes with a description and a suspension kit (including cord, safety pins and screw hooks). In addition to these 3 different shapes of mosquito nets, Care Plus® also has an impregnated pop-up dome without attachment. This mosquito net is perfect for spending the night outdoors or in a tent. There are also 2 head nets available that you can use during outdoor activities like hiking or fishing.

The quality of the net

The quality of the net is also important. There is a wide range of mosquito nets, but not every mosquito net lasts as long as others. A mosquito net has to meet a number of requirements in order to provide effective protection against (malaria) mosquitoes. It is important that the net is made of durable polyester and that the mesh size is not larger than 1,75 mm. The size of the holes can also be indicated by the number of holes per square inch. The World Health Organisation (WHO) recommends a mesh size of at least 165. This ensures that you get enough air under the mosquito net, but the holes are small enough to keep out insects.

Furthermore, the net must be closed on all sides and long enough so that no insects can crawl in through the opening or from the ground. You can also choose a net that you tuck under the mattress so that it is properly sealed. Also make sure that the net is not too small, because if you lie up against it you can still be bitten or stung.

All Care Plus® nets are manufactured under the strictest quality standards and comply with the minimum mesh size set by the WHO. The high-quality and lightweight multi-fibre is uniquely suited for durable impregnation and guarantees a long lifespan of the mosquito net. Do you use the net occasionally, for example only during holidays? Keep it in the supplied storage bag to extend the life of the mosquito net. The active impregnation agent is broken down by sunlight (UV radiation).

Choose the right mosquito net and protect yourself from mosquitoes