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Enjoy walking with these 5 useful tips

mennessä | touko 11, 2021

Walking or hiking seems very simple. You learn it at a young age, so what can go wrong? Unfortunately, without proper preparation you can get into unpleasant situations. Therefore, make sure you are well prepared before you start your hike or walk, whether it is a city walk or a walk in the countryside, a short intensive hike or a multi-day hike. We have put together 6 tips for you, so that you can enjoy your surroundings to the fullest.

1. Wear good shoes

This tip may seem obvious, but it is often overlooked. Wearing good shoes while walking is very important. Therefore, get good advice in a specialized shop, considering, among other things, the type of terrain you will be walking on. Also, remember to walk in your shoes before going on a longer hike.

2. Make conscious clothing choices

It is sometimes said that “there is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing”. It is a good idea to wear layers so that you can always take something off or put it on. Keep in mind that cotton clothing absorbs a lot of water and does not dry quickly. This can make you feel cold very quickly. Jeans may rub and be stiff. If you are walking through nature, remember to wear close-fitting, covering and preferably light-coloured clothing and to tuck your trousers into your (impregnated) socks to reduce the risk of a tick bite. Use Anti-Tick on uncovered skin. Always check for tick bites afterwards.

3. Make sure you can make contact with the outside world

Being able to walk undisturbed is wonderful; being unreachable for the outside world allows you to enjoy the surroundings undisturbed. But when you need outside help, it can be dangerous to be on the road without having something to hand with which you can reach the outside world. Always make sure your phone is charged or that you have a power bank with you.

4. Make sure you have the right equipment

What you take with you on your hike depends on where you are going to hike and how long you are going to be there. It is a difficult decision, because you want to be prepared for everything, but you also don’t want to carry unnecessary weight. One thing that should definitely not be missing from your luggage is a first aid kit. Care Plus® has handy, lightweight first aid sets that are easy to take with you and with which you can carry the most necessary products in case of emergency, such as Care Plus® First Aid Kit Roll Out Small and Care Plus® First Aid Kit Basic. Furthermore, make sure you have enough clothing, (energy-rich) food and drinks and plan breaks at regular intervals so that you can spread your energy over the entire hike.

5. Do not overestimate your own abilities

If you are not passing through, your starting point is also your finishing point. In general, this is where your transport is or this is where you will spend the night, so you will have to return to this point. In any case, the distance covered on the way out to the farthest point must be covered again to get back to the starting point. However, people tend to overestimate their own abilities, which can make the journey back quite challenging. It is therefore important to understand your abilities and plan the route beforehand, taking into account the abilities of yourself and any fellow hikers. Especially for remote (natural) areas without public transport possibilities, walking is often the only option back.