Remove a tick

Removing ticks safely

In Poland, over a million tick bites are registered each year. A small percentage of these bites cause infection. 1 in 4 ticks is infected with the Borrelia bacteria, the cause of Lyme disease. Without treatment, Lyme disease can lead to severe health problems, such as joint pain, arrhythmias and nervous system disorders.

A tick attaches itself to your body quicker than you think. Thoroughly check yourself and others, for example children, for ticks. Especially in warm and humid places like the backs of the knees, groin, armpits and the hairline. A tick is so small that you can easily overlook it. Make it a habit to check for ticks at regular times during the tick season, from April to October. For example, after brushing your teeth, check for ticks straight away. The best way to remove ticks is with tick pincers.

Because a tick attaches itself to your skin with little hooks, it is difficult to remove. Picking it with your nails or with tweezers is not safe and there is a chance you will only partly remove the tick. With the right tools, it is quite easy to remove the entire tick from your skin.

drill-like hypostome of a tick (middle)

Bitten by a tick

Have you discovered a tick? You can easily remove the entire tick with a tick pen or tick pincers. Make sure you always have tick pincers nearby in order to remove a tick as soon as possible. This will reduce the risk of infection. Never try to remove a tick with your hand, nails, fire or alcohol. You run the risk of only partly removing the tick or causing the tick to leave saliva due to shock, which increases the risk of infection.

It is important to remove the tick as soon as possible, within 8 hours, with tick pincers. Disinfect the tick bite with alcohol. If you remove the tick with tick pincers within 8 hours, the risk of infection with Lyme disease will be minimal.

tick pen en tick remover

Tick Remover

Remove the tick with ease, within 8 hours, with our Tick Remover.

Care Plus® Tick Remover är en medicinteknisk produkt. Läs bruksanvisningen före användning.


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Tekenbeet voorkomen

Voorkomen is natuurlijk beter dan genezen. Daarom heeft Care Plus® naast tekentangen en -pennen ook producten die beschermen tegen beten van teken en muggen. Anti-Insect met of zonder DEET gebruik je op de onbedekte huid. Daarnaast kun je ook Bugsox dragen waarmee je je enkels en benen goed beschermt. Bovendien hebben we een aantal tips die de kans op een beet verkleinen.

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