Cleansing hand gel

Clean hands at all times

You run the risk of getting infected when you touch your mouth with unwashed hands, full of bacteria. Wash your hands and wrists thoroughly with soap, or use a good hand gel, such as Care Plus® Pro Hygiene Gel, before cooking and eating and after each visit to the toilet.

Our Pro Hygiene Gel is ideal for situations when there is no water available and you do want to clean your hands. Your hands will be cleanand fresh when using this hand gel. Dirty nails? Scrub them with a brush! Dry your hands with something very clean, like a paper towel. Or keep them under the blower (don’t touch it). This hand gel does not dehydrate your skin, due to its unique ingredients, like aloe vera.

Care Plus® cleansing hand gels are available in bottles of 30 ml or 100 ml.

Pro Hygiene cleansing hand gel

No water and soap available? No problem! With Pro Hygiene Gel in your bag, hand gel of Care Plus®, you will always be able to clean your hands. This small bottle of hand gel contains 30 ml and is very handy to have in your bag.

  • Cleansing hand gel that gives your hands a clean and fresh feel
  • To be used without water and soap
  • Does not dehydrate the skin, due to its unique ingredients like aloe vera
  • Practical small packaging for in your bag or rucksack

Good hygiene during your trip

It is important to maintain good hygiene, even on the road. This not only contributes to a nicer trip, but you also prevent the risk of contamination by bacteria and parasites. Moreover, it is also nice for yourself and others to be able to provide good physical care and clean and fresh clothing. Again, Care Plus offers ® help with advice and products.