We often think that we are protecting ourselves properly, but danger is just around the corner. Whether it is a bite of a mosquito or a jellyfish, they are not only unpleasant, they can also have serious consequences. There are means to relieve a bite and you can always see your doctor, but if you want to prevent the bite and all possible consequences, preventive measures are the best solution. 


Mosquito bites are not only annoying, some mosquitoes can transmit tropical diseases such as malariadengueyellow feverchikungunyaWest Nile disease and zika. Read all about the correct protection against mosquitoes here.


Often, you don’t immediately notice a tick bite. If you don’t find out until a few days later, the consequences can be much more serious. Lyme disease can be the result of a tick bite, and the FSME virus can be transmitted which can lead to meningitis. Therefore, always use the correct protection against ticks when you go out into nature.


Some jellyfish bites are not just painful, some are venomous and even deadly. Read below about which jellyfish to watch out for, what the dangers are and where you can encounter certain species. We also provide tips on how to prevent and treat a bite.