Water filter

Water Filter

On the road without plastic water bottles? It’s possible with the Care Plus® Water Filter for safe and cheap drinking water. Our water filter fits in the palm of your hand and filters up to 3,500 litres of water from freshwater lakes, rivers or streams. That is 30 times more than comparable filters! The membrane filter (0.1 microns) blocks harmful bacteria and protozoa. Our award-winning filter is available at outdoor specialists.

A water filter removes impurities from the water by means of a physical barrier, a chemical process or a biological process. Our water filter purifies the water by means of a physical barrier.


The Care Plus® Water Filter can be used in various ways:

  1. Squeeze pouch (No tubes, no pump, no fuss).
  2. Straw. Drink directly from your (fresh)water source.
  3. Attach to a water bottle, or to the tap in a camper van or boat.
  4. Inline drinking system.

In order to deactivate protozoa, bacteria and viruses, we recommend using a filter in combination with the right chlorine solution. The Care Plus® Water Filter 0.1 micron deactivates protozoa and bacteria first. Care Plus® Hadex® deactivates any viruses in the filtered water.

Water filter specifications

  • 0.1 micron absolute hollow fibre mebrane filter
  • A 500 ml reusable squeeze pouch
  • Filter cap
  • Including user manual
  • Size: 200 x 78 x 150 mm (lxwxh)
  • Weight: only 65 grams

Advantages of the Care Plus® water filter

The capacity of this filter is no less than 3,500 litres of water (= € 0.0001 per litre). The filter is extremely light with a mere weight of 65 grams, making it very suitable for backpackers. Easy to drink due to a flow speed of 1.7 litres per minute.