Water filter

Water Filter

Out and about without plastic water bottles? Now you can with the Care Plus® Water Filters for safe and inexpensive drinking water. Our water filters fit in the palm of your hand and filter water from freshwater lakes, rivers or streams. The membrane filter (0.1 microns) filters harmful bacteria, parasites, protozoa and microplastics. Our award-winning water filter is available at the better outdoor store.

A water filter removes impurities from water through a physical barrier, a chemical process or a biological process. Our filters purify water through a physical barrier.

The Care Plus® Water Filters can be used in three different ways:
1. Filter directly from the natural source
2. Filter from the included drinking bag
3. Filter from a standard PET bottle

To inactivate protozoa, bacteria and viruses, we recommend the combination of a filter and the right chlorine solution. First of all, the Care Plus® Water Filter 0.1 micron inactivates protozoa and bacteria. Care Plus® Hadex ® then deactivates any viruses present in the filtered water.

Specifications Water Filter

  • 0.1 micron absolute hollow fiber membrane filter
  • 1 liter reusable drinking bag
  • Filter element with built-in nozzle
  • Capacity: up to 3,500L
  • Flow rate: up to 1.7L per minute (when squeezed)
  • Weight: Filter 75gr / TPU drinking bag 35gr

Specifications Water Filter EVO

  • 0.1 micron absolute hollow fiber membrane filter
  • 3 liter reusable drinking bag with supply hose
  • Capacity: up to 5,000L
  • Flow rate: up to 0.45L per minute
  • Weight: Filter 100gr / TPU drinking bag 110gr
  • Storage bag and lanyard