Blister plasters

Blister Plasters

Care Plus® Blister Plasters are waterproof blister plasters available in 3 shapes and sizes: Small, Medium en Finger & Toe (for fingers and toes). Our Blister Plasters reduce the pain and relieve the pressure. The blister will be protected from water and dirt, so the skin can repair itself. Use a blister plaster on clean, grease-free and dry skin. The flexible and waterproof plaster will stick for up to 7 days. We recommend removing the plaster when it starts to come off by itself. Use a blister plaster until the skin is completely healed.

blister mały firmy Care Plus

Blister plaster medium

  • Weight: 30 grams
  • Contents: 6 blister plasters
blister średni firmy Care Plus

Bllister plaster medium

  • Weight : 30 grams
  • Contents : 6 blister plasters

Preventing blisters

Also for blisters, prevention is better than cure. Blisters cause pain and discomfort and that makes walking or enjoying your holiday a little more difficult. Fortunately, there are products that will reduce the risk of blister forming. Use Care Plus® Foot powder or Camphor to prevent blisters. In addition to good shoes and socks, it is important to keep your feet in good condition.