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Personal hygiene while travelling

What could be more wonderful than seeing the world on your travels? Care Plus® is committed to make your travels as safe and healthy as possible because a distant journey is not entirely free of risks. In (sub)tropical regions, infectious diseases are lurking.

Vaccinations provide good protection, but not from all infectious diseases. Good personal hygiene is essential in the fight against bacteria! With Care Plus® products, you will be assured of optimal hygiene at all times.

Care Plus® supplies practical personal hygiene products, so you can reduce the risks of unhygienic situations.

How do you ensure good personal hygiene while travelling?

Apart from frequently and thoroughly washing your hands or using a hand gel, use the tips below to stay clean and fresh, and thus reduce the risk of a bacterial infection.

• Keep your nails short and clean.
• Do not share your towel with anyone, and use separate towels for your upper and lower body.
• Wear cotton underwear.
• Wear flip-flops in the shower.
• Wear closed shoes on sandy ground.
• Wear water shoes in the sea. Sea urchins and corals can be sharp and wounds can cause nasty infections.
• Shaving or getting a shave? Only with a new and sterile razor or shaver.
• Use a good insect repellent product.
• Protect yourself from insects with an impregnated mosquito net and Bugsox.
• Bring condoms from your own country and keep them cool.
• Do not get a tattoo or piercing abroad, in order to prevent hepatitis B.
• Do not touch animals. Animals like dogs, cats, bats and monkeys can be infected with rabies. After contact with an animal, thoroughly wash your hands with water and soap and disinfect with alcohol or Betadine. Always consult a doctor in case of a wound.