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Insect repellent to protect against corona?

av | maj 21, 2020

During the past days, some interesting news came out of the United Kingdom. In Great Britain, an insect repellent containing the active ingredient Citriodiol® is used by the military as added protection against the Coronavirus / Covid-19 virus. Huh? What? Very interesting news indeed. The links to various (major) British newspapers can be found in this message.

Citriodiol® to protect against the coronavirus?

It is an ’additional layer of protection’, writes the Daily Telegraph. The ingredient Citriodiol® is said to have helped prevent other strains of coronavirus. Sky, The Sun and The Guardian also reported on this potential form of protection.

Possible anti-viral effect

Citriodiol® is the registered brand name of a formulation containing lemon eucalyptus extracts. In addition to the familiar ingredient DEET, this active substance is very effective in repelling ticks and mosquitoes.

Care Plus Anti-Insect Natural contains 30% Citriodiol® and has been available since 1994 in outdoor sports shops, pharmacies and good drugstores as natural protection against stinging and biting insects, such as mosquitoes and ticks. At Care Plus®, we keep a close eye on developments regarding the anti-viral effect of Citriodiol®. It could be an interesting addition to hand sanitisers and surface cleaners.

Anti-Insect Natural with Citriodiol

Citriodiol® is purely natural

Citriodiol®, the refined end product used in our repellents, is organically grown from lemon eucalyptus trees. There is a growing interest in products based on natural ingredients. The demand for Care Plus® Anti-Insect Natural increases every year. After applying this repellent, a fresh, lemon scent is left on the skin. This is an immediate check on whether it has been amply applied.

lemon eucalyptus tree
Lemon Eucalyptus tree

Care Plus® Anti-Tick

Tick bites can cause Lyme disease and tick encephalitis (meningitis), among other things. Care Plus® Anti-Tick Spray offers effective protection against ticks and works for up to 6 hours.

Care Plus® Anti-Insect Natural

Care Plus® Anti-Insect Natural is based on natural lemon eucalyptus extracts and contains Citriodiol®. Lemon eucalyptus is the only natural ingredient that is suitable as an insect repellent and whose effectiveness has been proven in scientific (field) studies.

Care Plus® Anti-Insect DEET

Care Plus® DEET is the strongest insect repellent for the skin. The active substance is effective against various disease transmitters, such as (malaria) mosquitoes and ticks. DEET provides up to 10 hours of protection against stings and bites.