Tropicare finalist in Schiphol Go Multinational competition

January 9, 2015

The jury Schiphol Go Multinational received 100 business plans, but Tropicare is one of the five finalists! Tropicare is the company behind the brand Care Plus. If we win we will open a pop-up office in Boston, to prepare for the market launch of the Care Plus Tick Test in America

100 business plans submitted to jury

Finalists of 'Schiphol Go Multinational' competition announced   

Press Release

Schiphol, 9 January 2015

Jump start your company abroad at one of the 317 destinations you can reach from Amsterdam Airport Schiphol - an opportunity one hundred ambitious entrepreneurs seized to submit their business plan to the Schiphol Go Multinational jury. An expert jury chose five finalists from among the entries submitted. The finalists have been invited to present their plans in early February and the winner may subsequently build on his or her business, for the account of Schiphol, at a business destination of choice for a period of one month.


Maarten de Groof, Schiphol Group Executive Vice President and CCO, and chair of the Schiphol Go Multinational jury was surprised by the number, the variety and quality of the entries. "Through Schiphol Go Multinational we aim to highlight our large network of business destinations more prominently. Looking at the number and quality of the entries, I believe we have achieved our goal. We have received a wide range of striking and attractive business plans. Selecting five finalists thus proved to be a considerable challenge."

De Groof observes that the majority of the entrants had in fact chosen a destination where their business abroad would have the greatest chance of success: "The USA was the most popular region, with San Francisco and New York as particular favourites. This is not surprising as these particular cities offer ample opportunities for ambitious start-ups. London, Berlin and Hong Kong too were popular destinations among the entries received." 

Wide variety

The entries ranged from creative sectors, such as fashion, art, architecture and design, to app and industrial product developers, to e-commerce, social media and e-learning service providers. The prize for the ultimate winner not only is a pop-up office for a month in the business centre of the destination selected but a flight and accommodation will also be arranged plus a local assistant and budget to promote the service or product locally. 

The five finalists

The five entrepreneurs in random order who have been invited to present their business plans to the jury on 4 February are as follows:

Brechtje Spreeuwers, MLA+ (based in Rotterdam). She regularly travels to Hong Kong for MLA+, her architecture, planning and consultancy firm, to supervise projects and to meet new clients. She regards a 'pop-up office' as the next logical step.

Henk Jan Beltman, Tony’s Chocolonely (based in Amsterdam) plans to introduce his fair trade product, which is already successful in the Netherlands, to American consumers. From this month, the New Seasons Market in Portland will be the entrepreneur's first US customer. A pop-up office would therefore be most beneficial.

Tarique Arsiwalla, Protix (based in Dongen) knows for certain that Santiago de Chili offers significant opportunities for Protix, a revolutionary, sustainable fish food for cultivated fish. The local legislation in Chili enables Protix to start up business right away. The first contacts have already been established.

Arnoud Aalbersberg, Tropicare (based in Almere) plans to open an office hub in Boston to launch his Care Plus Tick Test. This is a highly accurate quick test to determine whether a tick is infected with the Borrelia bacteria that causes Lyme disease. Lyme is a town in Connecticut, USA. Tropicare aims to sweep the US market with these tests, launching at the source.

Titus Darley, Spectrum Design (based in Eindhoven) plans to respond to the growing US demand for Dutch design furniture. He plans to make agreements with architects, furniture stores, galleries and agents in New York. 

The jury

The finalists are scheduled to present their business plans to the jury on Wednesday, 4 February at Schiphol. In addition to Maarten de Groof , the plans will be assessed by Daan Roosegaarde (artist, pioneer and entrepreneur), Harm Kreulen (Director of KLM Nederland), Steinar Henskes (CEO, Bird Control Group) and Mark de Lange (Founder and CEO of Ace & Tate).