Water hygiene

Care Plus® Hadex® is a drinking water disinfectant based on chlorine. The use of Care Plus® Hadex® is recommended in places where there is doubt about the bacteriological safety of the drinking water. Use Care Plus® Hadex ® to disinfect water from the tap, springs and wells that in principle is intended for human consumption.

To purify water it is important to inactivate protozoa (cysts), bacteria and viruses. An easy and effective method is to boil water. However, this is time consuming and not everywhere easily doable. To inactivate protozoa and bacteria a membrane filter of 0.1-0.5 micron (pore diameter) can be used. The inactivation of bacteria and viruses can be done with a chemical treatment of sodium hypochlorite, such as the drinking water disinfectant Hadex ®. However, Hadex® does not inactivate protozoa.