Tick Removal

A tick is a spider-like arthropod parasite. It feeds on the blood of animals and people. A tick can transmit viruses, bacteria, parasites and even poison while sucking blood. Anaesthetizing (with alcohol) or heating (with a cigarette) can shock the tick into releasing pathogens via its saliva.

Borrelia burgdorferi, the cause of Lyme disease, is the most well-known and dangerous bacterium that may be present in a tick. This disease can eventually lead to various health complaints. A red ring around the bite area may be one of the first symptoms of Lyme disease. To minimise the risk of infection, ensure that the tick is removed within 8 hours. Remove the entire tick and then disinfect the bite area with alcohol. 

Tip! Are you in a risk area? If so, check yourself, your partner and your children regularly.